Franchise Ownership: We help you take the first step

Wading through the endless supply of circular links and uninformative e-books on your own can derail any franchise search before it even starts.  How do you know which information to believe?  How do you know when you’ve gotten the full picture about the franchise opportunity?  How do you know which franchise is the best fit for you?  How do you know you’re not just ending up in some lead generation system?  There has to be an easier way.  And guess what??  I thought so too which led me to start Pathfinders Franchise Consulting.

We have an inventory of over 300 franchises that range in investment from as low as $30 thousand and a network of approved lenders who can help you find funding if you need it.  We even provide you with complimentary legal and accounting services to ensure that your best interests are protected.  We do the research and save you hundred of hours clicking on endless internet links to find the perfect franchise opportunity.  We are experienced consultants and members of the Franchise Brokers Association.  And the kicker???  Our franchise matching approach is science-based.  We use a proprietary business assessment tool that narrows down the type of franchise that you are most likely to be successful in.

So, let this be the last link that you click in your search for the perfect franchise:  Schedule a free 30 minute consultation today and let us help you take the first step to becoming a franchise owner.



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